Life after Stroke Resulting from Arterial Dissection

There are certain conditions and lifestyle factors that increase the risk for stroke no matter what age you are. Lifestyle factors such as obesity and habitual alcohol drinking make one susceptible to developing stroke. But what if you live a healthy lifestyle, do not rely upon medications, live a drug-free life, and has an active fitness regimen but one day suddenly suffers from stroke? We now trace this your activities prior to having a stroke. There are many reports of people suffering from stroke that may have resulted from arterial dissection after a chiropractic visit. Although...

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Chiropractic Treatment Medical Risks

Risk of Arterial Dissection and Stroke The American Heart Association recognizes that chiropractic neck manipulations, or having your neck adjusted by a chiropractor, may be associated with an increased risk of stroke. This is because chiropractic cervical manipulation may lead to vertebral artery dissection, or a tearing of the inner lining of the artery. The risk of arterial dissection is even higher among people who have existing risk factors or a history of smoking. However, arterial dissection may occur in anyone, even if they have been receiving chiropractic treatment for years without...

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