Life after Stroke Resulting from Arterial Dissection

There are certain conditions and lifestyle factors that increase the risk for stroke no matter what age you are. Lifestyle factors such as obesity and habitual alcohol drinking make one susceptible to developing stroke. But what if you live a healthy lifestyle, do not rely upon medications, live a drug-free life, and has an active fitness regimen but one day suddenly suffers from stroke? We now trace this your activities prior to having a stroke. There are many reports of people suffering from stroke that may have resulted from arterial dissection after a chiropractic visit. Although...

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Symptoms and Effects of Arterial Dissection

Arterial dissection is a rare and serious condition that occurs when there’s a separation of the layers of an artery wall, which supplies oxygen-bearing blood to the head. It’s the most common cause of stroke among young adults. Early detection and intervention is key in cases concerning this ailment. This diagnosis is associated with frequent visits to the chiropractor for neck manipulation. Though in the most extreme cases arterial dissection is fatal, there are many symptoms and long-term effects associated the condition. Symptoms Arterial dissection can be identified by many minute but...

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Treatment Developments for Arterial Dissection

New treatment options are becoming available on a daily basis for those suffering from arterial dissection. Arterial dissection occurs when an artery is torn, often as a result of trauma or the type of manipulation involved in chiropractic care. Right now the overwhelming majority of research and funding is being funneled towards two different solutions that have proven to be effective: Prescription medication interventions that work to cause a biochemical reaction in the body, which then compels the body to heal the arterial dissection issues on its own. Surgical interventions that work to...

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