Treatment Developments for Arterial Dissection

New treatment options are becoming available on a daily basis for those suffering from arterial dissection. Arterial dissection occurs when an artery is torn, often as a result of trauma or the type of manipulation involved in chiropractic care. Right now the overwhelming majority of research and funding is being funneled towards two different solutions that have proven to be effective: Prescription medication interventions that work to cause a biochemical reaction in the body, which then compels the body to heal the arterial dissection issues on its own. Surgical interventions that work to...

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Jury Awards Plaintiff $577,000 in Cervical Manipulation Case

We already know that there’s a direct relationship between cervical manipulation, arterial dissection, and stroke. Through medical studies, doctors have established the connection and encourage chiropractors to warn their patients of the risks involved. Who is at Risk? Patients with risk factors for stroke aren’t the only ones who might experience an arterial dissection. Studies show that even young, healthy individuals with no preexisting risk factors such as hypertension and high blood pressure are vulnerable to a stroke caused by cervical manipulation. As a matter of fact, arterial...

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