Life after Stroke Resulting from Arterial Dissection

There are certain conditions and lifestyle factors that increase the risk for stroke no matter what age you are. Lifestyle factors such as obesity and habitual alcohol drinking make one susceptible to developing stroke.

But what if you live a healthy lifestyle, do not rely upon medications, live a drug-free life, and has an active fitness regimen but one day suddenly suffers from stroke?

We now trace this your activities prior to having a stroke. There are many reports of people suffering from stroke that may have resulted from arterial dissection after a chiropractic visit. Although non-invasive, chiropractic manipulations can pose a threat to your health if not done properly.

Having survived stroke, there may be long-term effects that the patient may experience. These may vary from mild, moderate, to severe and in most cases irreversible. Many of the patients who recovered from stroke are suffering the aftermath with immediate and long-standing effects or complications. Their range of motion restricted and many activities they fully enjoyed prior to stroke are now limited.

Here are some of the most common complications of stroke:

Problem with Balance – This is seriously difficult for stroke survivors since dizziness is a very frustrating sensation to experience and their functional ability has now been limited.

Slurred Speech and Communication Problems – Stroke survivors can have either Broca’s aphasia or Wernicke’s aphasia and they can have difficulty in speaking and understanding what others are saying. Even reading and writing can be affected by this.

Memory and Thinking Difficulty – Stroke affects memory retention aside from problem-solving and planning.

Pain and Weakness – Whether just one side or if the entire body is affected by paralysis and muscle weakness, pain and discomfort should be managed accordingly.

Depression and Anxiety – At some point, patients may feel hopelessness due to their pain, limitations, and these complications.

If you or your loved ones have recovered from stroke, make sure that compliance to medical management is duly observed. Provide a checklist for you, or anyone who has been assigned to take care of the stroke survivor to promote an improved level of functioning. Chiropractic negligence should be prevented, therefore, getting an experienced malpractice lawyer in your area can help you obtain justice for the damages you or your loved ones are facing.

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